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Lumber & Building Supplies

At Adams Builders Supply we carry a large supply of lumber and building materials. If you don't see it or just have questions, please ask!  We are here to help you - always!

Cabinets and Countertops

We offer cabinets from Mid Continent Cabinets as well as Merrilat Cabinets.

We can get laminate countertops custom made for your project,as well as solid surface vanity tops and bowls.


If you are planning a landscape project, let Adams Builders Supply help you. We stock Anchor Block Holland paver stones, Windsor wall stone, bullet edgers, and 16" paver stones and special order other items. We also stock concrete mix, masonry and sand mix, Portland cement, and many concrete accessories. We also stock Anchor Block Fire Pit Kits.

Decking and Railing
Adams Builders Supply specializes in supplying decking material that meets your needs. Trex and Fiberon are just a couple of the brands available. Vinyl, composite, and aluminum rail systems are also popular today. Of course cedar and treated wood are commonly used and we have them in stock.
Doors: Interior/Exterior

Doors can set the mood for a space and Adams Builders Supply offers a lot of fun choices. From more common 4 and 6 panel doors of pine or oak to custom doors of Alder, Hickory or Cherry. Exterior doors in steel or fiberglass with many choices of glass options are also available.

We stock a wide selection of entry and service doors by TruTech doors. Clad frame and Primed frames available.

Most projects require some Drywall or Sheetrock. We have several sizes in stock and we can arrange to have it delivered to your site. Adams Builders Supply also supplies fiberglass insulation for walls and ceilings as well as blown in Fiberglass  and cellulose insulation. We do rent out Blowers for both Fiberglass and cellulose insulation.
Engineered Lumber

Engineered lumber has become very popular for floor systems, roofs, beams, headers, and studs. We stock common sizes and special orders are placed for larger jobs.

Engineered Trusses
Adams Builders Supply specializes in custom ordering wood roof trusses and wood floor trusses for residential, commercial and agricultural projects. We stock a variety of LVL header/beam sizes.
There are a number of styles of popular fencing today. Some choices in material that we offer are treated wood, cedar wood, chain link and vinyl.
Every house needs to be properly flashed and vented. Adams Builders Supply has the resources to supply you with everything from roof vents and formed valley, to gable and soffit vents.

We stock white gutters in steel 5" K-style and vinyl in white or brown. We also stock all your accessories including gutter covers to keep the leaves out.

Joist Hangers
Hangers and tie downs are being specified more than ever by architects and engineers. Adams Builders Supply has the expertise to get the correct tie for the project.
We stock a full line of dimensional lumber in pine, fir, cedar and treated. Hardwood options of Oak, Maple, Walnut and Cherry are in stock. We have a variety of sizes in plywood and OSB.

We supply pine and oak stain grade molding and can special order many other types of millwork.

  • Primed moulding
  • Royal vinyl mouldings
Adams Builders Supply stocks Timberline brand asphalt shingles and Pro Panel II metal roofing. We stock ice & water guard, felt paper, vents, roof edging and much more. We have you covered!

We stock white vinyl double 4 siding and can special order many other types and colors. We also stock Rollex soffit, fascia and accessories.

  • Certainteed vinyl
  • Hardie cement board
  • Masonite siding
Steel Frame Sliding Doors
We stock National® metal track, door frames, guides, rollers, and latches.
Steel Products
Steel beams, steel posts, rebar, remesh, window wells and cattle hog panels are just a few steel products available at Adams Builders Supply. We offer competitive prices and quick delivery. Call us for all your steel needs.
Adams Builders Supply offers many different welding supplies such as solid and flux core wire, welding rods, cutting tips, goggles, gloves, helmets, wire brushes, abrasive wheels and much more.
Andersen and Hayfield windows are two brands that we offer at Adams Builders Supply. There are many options within these brands such as exterior color, interior wood species, grilles, jambs and glass options to names a few. We also special order Velux skylights.